Factsheet: Comparing treatment of business & associations (General Assembly Report – Oct. 2015)

Sectoral equity factsheet - final 500pxThe Special Rapporteur’s factsheet summarizing his “sectoral equity” report, which examines differential treatment of businesses and associations.

This factsheet draws heavily from the Special Rapporteur’s 2015 report to the UN General Assembly and features guidance on:

  • • States’ obligation to create the best possible enabling environment for civil society
  • • The concept of “sectoral equity” between businesses and associations – and details of exactly what this means
  • • Permissible and impermissible restrictions on associations – with an analysis how these restrictions are often stricter than those for businesses
  • • Examples of instances where States create drastically better enabling environments for businesses than for associations
  • • Conclusions, recommendations, and more

For the Special Rapporteur’s full factsheet series, please see: http://freeassembly.net/factsheets/

The fact sheet is currently available in the following languages:
ру́сский язы́к
All non-English versions are unofficial; translations not verified by the UNSR.