Factsheet: Natural resource exploitation & FoAA rights (Human Rights Council report – June 2015)

Extractives factsheet - final_Page_1_500The Special Rapporteur’s factsheet summarizing the rights to freedom of peaceful assembly and of association in the context of natural resource exploitation, presented in an easy-to use “yes/no” format, with hyperlinks to source materials.

This factsheet draws heavily from the Special Rapporteur’s 2015 report to the UN Human Rights Council and features guidance on:

  • • The obligation of States and corporations to uphold assembly and association rights in the context of natural resource exploitation
  • • States’ responsibilities regarding private security firms and violations of human rights by corporations
  • • The issue of blanket bans on peaceful assemblies surrounding natural resource exploitation operations
  • • The rights of unregistered associations to participate in consultation processes
  • • And more

The factsheet also summarizes the report’s recommendations, highlights key statistics in a “by the numbers” feature, and looks at the current international legal and regulatory framework for the sector.

For the Special Rapporteur’s full factsheet series, please see: http://freeassembly.net/factsheets/

The fact sheet is currently available in the following languages:
ру́сский язы́к
All non-English versions are unofficial; translations not verified by the UNSR.