Factsheet: Recommendations on managing assemblies

Protest recommendations factsheet - 500pxThe Special Rapporteur’s factsheet summarizing his joint 2016 report with fellow mandate holder Christof Heyns, which outlined a series of practical recommendations for the proper management of assemblies. The report was developed based on consultations with over 100 experts and more than 50 UN Member States.

This factsheet draws heavily on the report and answers a number of questions regarding the management of assemblies, including:

  • • Do assembly participants forfeit all of their rights if they are not peaceful?
  • • Do human rights protections apply to everyone participating in an assembly?
  • • Do States have a positive obligation to facilitate assemblies?
  • • Should states require demonstrators to obtain prior permission for assemblies?
  • • Can firearms be used to disperse a violent assembly?
  • • Is there a right to observe, monitor and record assemblies?
  • • Does the right to privacy apply in the context of assemblies?
  • • Do businesses have a duty to respect rights in the context of assemblies?

For the Special Rapporteur’s full factsheet series, please see: http://freeassembly.net/factsheets/

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